1:1 Personal Training

The Exercise and Heath challenges I face right now

I am aware that I need a personalised exercise program, which is bespoke and tailored to my needs. I have tried many types of exercise before but I got frustrated because I did not get the results that I wanted. I have been left feeling confused by the overwhelming amount of information about how to reach my goals; what to eat, what exercise is best for me, and how I can best achieve these results with the least amount of effort in the shortest period of time.

The issues I need help with right now

I need someone who will help continue to encourage & motivate me to reaching my individual goals, who will keep me accountable, even when times are tough. I need personalised help & guidance so I’m not wasting time doing the wrong exercises & eating the wrong food.

What I need right now

I need personalised & specialist professional support to stay on target by setting me individual goals each week, giving me motivation & encouragement to help me become the best version of myself possible. A bespoke service, which will teach me how to get the most out of my training by exercising safely & correctly. Someone who I can ask questions when I am unsure of food or health choices. A trainer who will help me turn my cant’s into cans & the unachievable into the achievable!

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