Fresh Air Physiotherapy

The Exercise and Heath challenges I face right now

I want to become more active outdoors but I have been avoiding walking because I have lost confidence due to experiencing ongoing pain, or I am worried that I am making my muscle & joint condition worse. I have been recommended by a doctor or other health practitioner to increase my walking but I feel I need a more structured & tailored support, which is specific for my needs

The issues I need help with right now

Issues such as limping, poor posture & understanding of the cause of my pain whilst walking. Ongoing aches and pain conditions such as Osteoarthritis. All of which are impacting confidence walking outdoors, how far and how fast I can walk. A recent change of health or circumstances may have contributed to making my pain worse, meaning I spend less time than normal outdoors.

What I need right now

I need motivational support with a specialist physiotherapist providing a professional & personalised service to improve my walking technique. This will help me to confidently walk further & at a better pace outdoors whilst not worrying about being in pain or making my pain worse. To work with someone who will help me turn my cant’s into cans & the unachievable into the achievable! This will mean I can choose whether to go out or not, and I can keep up with family and friends so that we can enjoy some quality time together outdoors.

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