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Group Fitness

Prior to starting your classes I was trying to improve my level of fitness after a spell of illness during 2016 which had held me back from regular exercise. I had begun weekly sessions with a personal trainer at home and wished to expand upon that experience. My GP had recommended exercise to help manage my health. I had no reservations about working with you and have found it all very enjoyable and rewarding. I have been more than satisfied with your classes. A wide range of equipment has been provided and used both skilfully and imaginatively to present a varied and brilliantly supportive experience. I have felt positively encouraged to push myself that bit further as well as trusting your expertise to adapt some exercises to my own level of ability where appropriate. The degree of personal attention is excellent. I think the best thing overall has been a renewal of my own confidence after a time of nervousness about taking up an exercise class.

And it’s great fun!


I had been unable to do exercise for the previous 8 months due to a back operation. I had lost a lot of flexibility, was completely unfit and I was only just pain free from the opp. I was used to doing exercise before that and I felt like I’d never get back into it again. I was quite worried about the level of fitness I would need to have to join the class as I was at a complete basic level, although that it may all be a bit too much for me. Also that I wouldn’t be corrected on technique which would perhaps cause my back pain to return. I also hoped that I would know all the exercise ‘jargon’ that some instructors use and not look like a complete idiot!

From day one any ailments you may have are taken into consideration and your exercises altered to suit how you are feeling that day. My technique is corrected and we always have demonstrations of the exercises beforehand to show us what to do (so no jargon!). Also if I don’t feel up to any of the exercises Billy will find a more basic one to suit me on that specific day. It is absolutely tailored to your specific abilities.

There’s always room for improvement but – I’m fit again!! I like the fact that we do strength training mixed with some cardio so it’s an all-round workout. We always seem to be in a small group so there’s no danger of doing the exercises wrong. Also Billy is mindful of your progress and when you need to step up a gear maybe with heavier weights or faster repetitions so you’re always being encouraged to improve.


1:1 Success Stories

Before I started with Billy I was tending to be a bit aimless at the gym, doing bits and pieces, without focus and not really improving my fitness, a bit stuck. It wasn’t very satisfying and I knew I could do better but didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it. I didn’t have any reservations about Billy. One of my gym buddies recommended him and I never regretted it. Was slightly nervous about working with somebody new but that’s natural for me.

The process of working with Billy was even better than I had hoped. He has always been very well prepared when coming to the session, having an exercise programme ready, developing exercises done in previous sessions in terms of resistance and repetitions as well as bringing new ones. I have some arthritic joints and he was excellent at tailoring exercises to my physical needs and limitations. I liked the way he was creative with the exercise programme and my personal training times were interesting, progressing and made me work hard and to my maximum. Billy gave encouragement and I liked the way he made me do each exercise properly and accurately. The one best result is that I feel fitter, stronger and much more confident.


I am 60 this year, considerably overweight and never had a PT or done serious gym work before.
I started with Billy 6 weeks ago for 3 months and I’m loving it!

Billy motivates and pushes me but is also thoughtful and sensitive to my feelings and abilities. I’m feeling so much better and getting stronger and fitter.

I wish I’d done this years ago but it’s never too late!


Nordic Walking

Before I started Nordic walking, I was overweight, unfit & in pain. I’ve also moved around a lot & I’d moved to a new area where I didn’t know anybody. I’ve enjoyed coming to classes because Jayne & Billy made me feel very welcome. I enjoy getting outdoors in the fresh air and getting professional instruction. They push me to get fitter without being too demanding. I have less joint pain & stiffness, also correcting my posture.


I started Nordic walking to get more movement & mobility. I was stooped over a cane & I thought ‘bugger it; I’m going to go & try it. I’m sick of sitting in the house, I’m going out!’ I was dubious at first; I thought ‘Oh God I don’t want to walk with 2 sticks’. At the end of the first session I thought ‘this is it, I can walk straight & upright. I can move more & faster.’ I always feel better after a session & I really enjoy it. I now have my own poles so I can enjoy walking & going out more with my family when I am not in a class. My sister & husband visited us for Christmas & were so impressed how well I was doing & how quickly I could now walk that they have now also started Nordic walking!


Before I started Nordic walking, I felt overweight, unfit & fed up. I felt pain & stiffness all through my body, especially in my back, neck, hip & knee. I really enjoy Nordic walking & I feel marvellous afterwards. I am fitter, straighter & I don’t hunch. I am more active & I feel alive. It is good for me because I’m reclusive & need to be motivated to go out. The best result I get from Nordic walking is that I don’t have pain or walk with a limp after the class.


I tried Nordic walking because I was curious about what it was & someone else suggested that I would enjoy it. I found the first session invigorating & liberating. I found that I could manage the technique well because I was confident with the instruction and that I was working with professionals. I have found that Jayne & Billy provide a whole person service; they very much care about everyone individually. They have good personal skills & are always looking around the group to see how you are. I really enjoy classes & I can now walk with more pace.


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