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Our names are Billy & Jayne Ward.

What helps us to stand out from other health & fitness businesses is that we use our caring nature to look at the bigger picture & you as an individual person. We enjoy the challenge of working with people who may have tried other health & fitness regimes before and failed to succeed. We pride ourselves on being good listeners to really understand people’s health & fitness challenges & help them to find simple solutions that fit into their busy lives consistently, with ease.

We will help you stay motivated, committed & accountable to achieving your long-term health & fitness goals. Between us, as a team, we have the skills and experience of helping you along your health & fitness journey.

Hi my name is Billy, the Healthy Habits Ninja 😉

In my experience with around 20 years of working in the health & fitness industry, I have observed many people struggling with weight loss, motivation & body shape changes. They start & stop various healthy eating & fitness programmes & find themselves repeating bad habits again, leaving them feeling stuck & fed up with the lack of progress & results. This is often because they have busy lives, making it challenging to consistently fit in & stick to a set meal & fitness plan.

I’ve discovered the key to having the energy & body you want & consistently making changes you desire is to shape healthy habits that fit into your life with ease, rather than trying to shape a fixed programme into your already busy life. Transform your daily habits & watch your health & body shape change!

This is why I offer healthy habit coaching alongside my Personal Training & small group sessions. This approach gets faster & long-lasting results. I also enjoy building and maintaining a good personal relationship with my clients, as I find that this helps to keep my clients well motivated and accountable to reach their goals.

Hi my name is Jayne.

I help people manage ongoing muscle & joint pain to move with ease, so they can fully enjoy life & hobbies.

I enjoy helping people that have lost confidence & control of managing their aches & pains to help them get back to normal life & fitness activities, particularly walking & activities around the home. Over time I have discovered many benefits working on these goals within these environments as the rehabilitation approach becomes a lot more meaningful to my clients. I value taking the time to really listen & understand the challenges that people are facing and coming up with solutions together, so that my clients feel in control of their health. It is for these reasons that I choose not to work in a clinic room and instead to be a community-based Physiotherapist.

I thrive when the circumstances are more challenging with clients that need support managing persistent muscle and joint pain; the more complicated the more I am interested in rising to the challenge! In my experience exploring the bigger picture, such as lifestyle factors (food, sleep, rest) can also be beneficial. Once I’ve got my clients more confident with managing their pain, I also enjoy challenging their beliefs about what their full capabilities are and strive to motivate and inspire people to be even more active than they thought that they could be!

In 2015 I was honoured to have received a national Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Service Excellence Award for promoting activity and healthy lifestyles.

Whether you have a pain problem following recent surgery, a change of circumstances to your health, or you have persistent aches and pains and have lost confidence to get out and about I look forward to working with you along the next stage of your journey to fulfil your true potential.

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