Small Group Personal Training

The health and exercise challenges that I have right now

I know that I need to improve my health by exercising regularly, but find the thought of going to the gym boring or intimidating. I want to have fun and laugh in a small group with liked-minded people where I won’t feel self-conscious. I want to feel fitter, healthier & more confident, and invigorated with the sense of achievement after finishing a class. I spend a lot of time indoors, which can make me feel sluggish.

The issues I need help with right now

I want to start exercising but I am worried about doing it correctly because I don’t want to hurt myself, and I don’t want to waste my time and energy doing exercises that won’t help me reach my goals. I also need some variety in my workouts because otherwise I get bored. I am aware that I am not exercising enough and this is affecting my health & the quality of my life. I want to go to my wardrobe & wear what I want when I want, feeling confident & good about myself at all times.

What I need right now

An environment that is welcoming, non-judgemental and where I can be myself. A professional service with someone that will support me to reach my goals. I can exercise in a small group where I can be reassured that I am using the correct exercise techniques, whilst having fun with like-minded people. I need to be in a place which has a warm community feel; I do not want to feel that I am just a number. I need some structured activity outdoors and to feel the benefits of some regular fresh air to stop me feeling sluggish.

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