Success Stories

1:1 Success Stories

The Healthy Habits programme run by Billy encouraged me to explore needed changes in my lifestyle but in an easy and uncomplicated way. Using the step by step approach allowed and encouraged me to make small changes that had immediate impact. Just by recognising one small change (in my case it was establishing healthy snacks), but also breaking down that change into smaller step by step approaches, allowed me to explore potential barriers and solutions in a focussed way.

Even just after a couple of weeks I have begun to put into practise the small changes I needed to make to ensure I healthy snacks using the simple solutions approach. Sometimes to make lasting changes in your life you need some support, with Billy on your side you can begin to make those changes easily.

Billy works with you personally, not as a ‘one size fits all’ approach that comes with many other healthy lifestyle organisations. I personally would recommend Billy to support you in creating long lasting Healthy Habits.


Before I joined Billy’s programme, I was struggling with knowing what I was eating that was causing my weight problems. Part of it I know was hormonal and I had a problem exercising safely. I have learnt a lot about eating a balanced diet. Eating the right proteins that suited my intolerances. I enjoyed the recipes on the Facebook and membership pages.

I found being accountable to Billy was a huge part of keeping on track and I feel this is an extremely valuable part of the programme.

Talking things through celebrating wins however small and arresting what holds me back or gets in the way of success. Billy coaches you through you limiting beliefs and does this in a kind encouraging way.

I was also struggling to participate in safe exercise and not to cause more injury. As I have a particular problem with my neck. I found my physio sessions with Jayne so helpful.

Learning very gentle exercises to improve my posture and strengthen my core strength.

The best result for me was to be accountable to myself, to cut down the amount of food I ate and when. To vary my diet. To eat more protein etc. My core strength has improved and my self-esteem with it. I can recommend this program to anyone wanting to make positive changes to their lifestyle.


During the lockdown over winter, I was working from home & found I wasn’t going outdoors or getting any exercise. I was gradually putting on weight, feeling tired, sluggish & lacked the motivation to do anything about it.

I started Billy’s 12-week programme at the end of January 2021. It gave me a focus. I concentrated on my food & made small changes at first. Jacket potatoes, not chips. Sweet potatoes not white potatoes, etc. I cut out crisps, my weakness.

I also made a point of going out for a walk every day even if only for 10 minutes. I was moving about & active. The short walks gradually became longer & the more healthy options became the normal way of eating.

At the end of the programme I had lost 19lbs in weight.

I have more energy, a more positive outlook & feel less stressed. I look forward to my walks or doing an exercise routine. My clothes feel more comfortable, & I’ve gone down a size. I am now maintaining my weight. I still have a treat now & again. I’ve never felt hungry or that I’m depriving myself of anything. There are some great recipes & meal ideas in the member’s area with regular text check-ins & weekly

Zoom calls to help keep me on track.


I found the 7 day programme so inspiring. It really helps you to focus your mind on the bigger picture & understand why we often get stuck in the ‘start, stop, stuck’ cycle. Billy is so positive & gets you to think through what might block your progress & find ways around. I loved the ‘check in’ call & that help/advice is only an email away.
I’d thoroughly recommend the Steps 2wards Health programme, it’s all about understanding the choices we make, why we make them & finding ways forward to make better choices!


Before starting 1:1 support with Billy, I was in a rut. I realised that it was time to put myself first again; I needed to get back into looking after myself physically as well as mentally, I was making limited progress on my own. I tried a few classes and swimming but never really disciplined myself to stick to a routine. I’d also started more mindful eating and reflexology, but I was still looking for help with the next steps to feeling physically and mentally healthy and fit again. I knew I needed some help with my self-discipline and a kick up the backside to do it!

My only concern before I came to my first consultation with Billy was the cost involved; but having met Billy and talked through my goals and learnt about his approach, I recognised immediately that the investment would be worth it.

Over the past year, my fitness levels have improved greatly through a planned step by step approach, working on strengthening and conditioning my body through a varied weekly programme which I actually look forward to!  Within a few sessions my achy knee stopped aching, and I was able to see real improvements in the exercises I could do, which really built my confidence. After about 6 months I was confident enough to add some pole walking to my programme and also some group fitness sessions – both things I was anxious about being able to do in the past. Now I take part regularly and really enjoy the activities.

The gains from having support from Billy are so many – everything is so personalised and focussed on my whole wellbeing including advice on nutrition when I need it.  I am normally risk adverse but having Billy’s support available to me really helps to give me the resolve to push myself that bit more and feel good about myself again. I am feeling better in body and mind and happy. I also have realised that we cannot look after others if we get to the point where there is nothing left in the tank for ourselves.

The best thing for me so far is that I feel more capable, it has given me a lot more confidence physically. I am enjoying being fit again with the added bonus of a whole group of new friends too.


I am 60 this year, considerably overweight and never had a PT or done serious gym work before.
I started with Billy 6 weeks ago for 3 months and I’m loving it!

Billy motivates and pushes me but is also thoughtful and sensitive to my feelings and abilities. I’m feeling so much better and getting stronger and fitter.

I wish I’d done this years ago but it’s never too late!


Before I started with Billy I was tending to be a bit aimless at the gym, doing bits and pieces, without focus and not really improving my fitness, a bit stuck. It wasn’t very satisfying and I knew I could do better but didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it. I didn’t have any reservations about Billy. One of my gym buddies recommended him and I never regretted it. Was slightly nervous about working with somebody new but that’s natural for me.

The process of working with Billy was even better than I had hoped. He has always been very well prepared when coming to the session, having an exercise programme ready, developing exercises done in previous sessions in terms of resistance and repetitions as well as bringing new ones. I have some arthritic joints and he was excellent at tailoring exercises to my physical needs and limitations. I liked the way he was creative with the exercise programme and my personal training times were interesting, progressing and made me work hard and to my maximum. Billy gave encouragement and I liked the way he made me do each exercise properly and accurately. The one best result is that I feel fitter, stronger and much more confident.


Small Group Personal Training

Before the first session I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up & go for the full hour, making me feel discouraged and ashamed. At the end of the first session I found that there was no pressure to do something that I didn’t want to do or couldn’t do, and I felt better with myself and realised that no one in the session was being judged. The overall experience was really good, making me feel like I can be happy to do the sessions & it did not feel like a chore. I would recommend it is definitely worth giving these sessions a try. Billy is very motivating & easy to work with without pushing you too far. There is a push to get over the barrier of fitness you are currently at but will not push you to the point you break.

I am a regular fell runner but was doing no training to improve my core or upper body strength. I felt like I had reached a plateau with my running, and wanted to do something to push myself in a different direction, and that would have a positive impact on all areas of my fitness.

I had a vague idea about what some “Bootcamp” style training sessions were like, and had always found them very intimidating, and felt that I wasn’t good enough. This fear disappeared in about the first 30 seconds, the session was nothing like I expected. What stood out the most for me the first time I came was how friendly the session was, with loads of encouragement and advice on how to get the best out of the different exercises.

Every session is fun! The sessions have grown over time, with new exercises and activities, so it’s always an interesting and entertaining hour. It hasn’t got any easier either, as my strength has improved, the weights have got heavier, so I feel like I’m always improving, which I find incredibly rewarding. I like the flexibility too, having plenty of sessions to choose from means I can fit training in around work and my other hobbies without any difficulty.

The best thing about attending these sessions is that I have better core strength and stability, which is something I have never had before, and this has been hugely beneficial for running, especially across uneven ground. This translates to going faster up hill, and much faster down hill too!”


Before attending my first outdoor session I was apprehensive about ‘boot camp’ because I always thought it was something the ‘very fit’ people could do. Upon starting I did not have any reservations as such about working with Billy, but I was certainly not sure about my ability to make it through a session- a couple of things helped get over the reservation- the Facebook page, the fact the first session was a taster session, and turning up!

The whole experience whilst attending these sessions has been great! Billy ensured we stretched ourselves in terms of what we can do, but in a very gentle way… he didn’t make us/me feel ‘less’ just because I can’t do some of the exercises- there are always effective modifiers to bridge the gap from what we can do to what we should be doing. What I also like is that it is in the open/fresh air.

It’s a great feeling that I have finally got over my fear/apprehension of boot camps.


Before the I attended the Park Gym Fitness sessions I exercised indoors at a studio. I had tried outdoor exercise before but it wasn’t to my liking.  As I had tried outdoor exercise boot camp before. I was sceptical about trying it again. But I went with an open mind. I found it was completely different to my previous experience.

The process of working with Billy is good and at my level and I definitely have improved. I don’t ever feel pressured into any exercise just encouraged to give it a go.

The best results for me so far is a smaller and firmer bum.


I had been unable to do exercise for the previous 8 months due to a back operation. I had lost a lot of flexibility, was completely unfit and I was only just pain free from the opp. I was used to doing exercise before that and I felt like I’d never get back into it again. I was quite worried about the level of fitness I would need to have to join the class as I was at a complete basic level, although that it may all be a bit too much for me. Also that I wouldn’t be corrected on technique which would perhaps cause my back pain to return. I also hoped that I would know all the exercise ‘jargon’ that some instructors use and not look like a complete idiot!

From day one any ailments you may have are taken into consideration and your exercises altered to suit how you are feeling that day. My technique is corrected and we always have demonstrations of the exercises beforehand to show us what to do (so no jargon!). Also if I don’t feel up to any of the exercises Billy will find a more basic one to suit me on that specific day. It is absolutely tailored to your specific abilities.

There’s always room for improvement but – I’m fit again!! I like the fact that we do strength training mixed with some cardio so it’s an all-round workout. We always seem to be in a small group so there’s no danger of doing the exercises wrong. Also Billy is mindful of your progress and when you need to step up a gear maybe with heavier weights or faster repetitions so you’re always being encouraged to improve.


Prior to starting your classes I was trying to improve my level of fitness after a spell of illness during 2016 which had held me back from regular exercise. I had begun weekly sessions with a personal trainer at home and wished to expand upon that experience. My GP had recommended exercise to help manage my health. I had no reservations about working with you and have found it all very enjoyable and rewarding. I have been more than satisfied with your classes. A wide range of equipment has been provided and used both skilfully and imaginatively to present a varied and brilliantly supportive experience. I have felt positively encouraged to push myself that bit further as well as trusting your expertise to adapt some exercises to my own level of ability where appropriate. The degree of personal attention is excellent. I think the best thing overall has been a renewal of my own confidence after a time of nervousness about taking up an exercise class.

And it’s great fun!


Pole Walking

My job is quite physical and since I’m not going to get any younger I decided to get fitter. I started with weekly Pilates sessions which helped, but I was lacking motivation to go swimming or walking as well. When the weather is foul, it’s a lot easier to stay indoors. I knew nothing about Nordic walking. I enjoy being outdoors and I quite liked the sound of it, so I thought why not give it a go? You won’t know if it’s for you until you’ve tried it. I went along to the 1st session not really knowing what to expect and I was hooked straight away. I look forward to my weekly workout, even when it’s cold, wet or even pitch black. Head torches are great and going for a walk in the dark at the end of a hard day at work is ideal to clear your head. Yes it is exercise, but it’s mainly a lot of fun and quite convivial. I’ve been doing Nordic walking for about 9 months now and I’ve noticed that I can walk a lot faster, I’m more aware of my posture while walking and my whole body feels more toned.

Before trying Nordic walking I was feeling in good health and relatively fit having done some walking over the winter, so was looking forward to stepping that up a gear with trying Nordic Walking.  I wanted to try something new and also be outside, as like many of us I work indoors a lot of the time. I was not feeling too apprehensive about trying this out as I knew the area we would be training in and felt comfortable starting with a taster class to see if I would enjoy it and be able to keep up with the pace. It’s been an enjoyable process with Billy as the sessions have been very well explained and taught with a professional, friendly and approachable leader.  The lessons have gone at a pace that I can keep up with. The best result was understanding and implementing a new skill and improving my fitness levels. If someone was unsure about coming along to try Nordic walking I would encourage you try because it is fun and enjoyable.  Don’t be worried about your fitness levels as this is aimed at everyone and has an immediate benefit and result.  The sessions are friendly and informative and go at a pace that everyone is catered for.  You’ll come away having had a good body work out almost without realising it, as you understand the benefits of walking with the Nordic poles and with the learnt techniques see how much more effectively you walk giving you increased fitness and with better posture.
Sue F

I had recently retired and needed to get out and about but lacked confidence due to balance issues.  I had read about Nordic Walking and thought walking with the aid of poles might be the answer.

I found the classes online and attended Try Nordic Walking, after which I took the Learn to Nordic Walk course, both of which were really enjoyable with good instruction and encouragement from instructors (Jayne and Billy) who were then able to assess which level of walking might be suitable.

Nordic Walking has given me confidence to start exercise again and, with the motivation of the instructors and other class members, to really enjoy the open air whatever the weather.


Prior to trying Nordic Walking I was going for walks with friends and family but not at a quick enough pace to improve my fitness. Not being keen on Gyms I was doing some Pilates at home but again probably not as regularly as intended. Generally I was aware my lack of fitness was becoming an issue! When my friend explained about Nordic Walking, and gave me an Invitation card, I thought it sounded great but was slow to act on it. It was the Friends walk (Try Nordic Walking) on a Saturday morning local to where I live which helped me to engage. The first session was informal and friendly with super guidance from Jayne and Billy. The group was a lovely mixture of Nordic walkers and newcomers; I learned the basics of Nordic walking in a very enjoyable context whilst chatting along the way. The Learn to Nordic walk course was brilliant; it was well planned, including warm ups and cool downs, and allowed time to practice each stage over the two hours. A great way to exercise outdoors. Nordic Walking is a very enjoyable, and well supported, way to improve overall fitness whilst having the bonus of being outdoors with lovely folk.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pole walking course. Jayne introduced each element with simple instructions and guidance allowing us to pick it up very quickly. Great way to meet other like minded people and at the same time learning a new skill. Easy to pick up whatever level you are and easy to decide what level to walk at depending on your own body!

Sue S

Before I started pole walking, I was overweight, unfit & in pain. I’ve also moved around a lot & I’d moved to a new area where I didn’t know anybody. I’ve enjoyed coming to classes because Jayne & Billy made me feel very welcome. I enjoy getting outdoors in the fresh air and getting professional instruction. They push me to get fitter without being too demanding. I have less joint pain & stiffness, also correcting my posture.


I started Nopole rdic walking to get more movement & mobility. I was stooped over a cane & I thought ‘bugger it; I’m going to go & try it. I’m sick of sitting in the house, I’m going out!’ I was dubious at first; I thought ‘Oh God I don’t want to walk with 2 sticks’. At the end of the first session I thought ‘this is it, I can walk straight & upright. I can move more & faster.’ I always feel better after a session & I really enjoy it. I now have my own poles so I can enjoy walking & going out more with my family when I am not in a class. My sister & husband visited us for Christmas & were so impressed how well I was doing & how quickly I could now walk that they have now also started pole walking!


Before I started Nordic walking, I felt overweight, unfit & fed up. I felt pain & stiffness all through my body, especially in my back, neck, hip & knee. I really enjoy Nordic walking & I feel marvellous afterwards. I am fitter, straighter & I don’t hunch. I am more active & I feel alive. It is good for me because I’m reclusive & need to be motivated to go out. The best result I get from Nordic walking is that I don’t have pain or walk with a limp after the class.

I tried Nordic walking because I was curious about what it was & someone else suggested that I would enjoy it. I found the first session invigorating & liberating. I found that I could manage the technique well because I was confident with the instruction and that I was working with professionals. I have found that Jayne & Billy provide a whole person service; they very much care about everyone individually. They have good personal skills & are always looking around the group to see how you are. I really enjoy classes & I can now walk with more pace.

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