Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Policy

  1. You agree to give 100% commitment to everything you do with Steps 2wards Health from this point onwards.
  2. Our money back guarantee states if you are unhappy with the service, in anyway after a 2 week period a full refund will be given. This is with exception to the Nordic walking UK courses that we run, which is no more than 1 week
  3. Aside from the details explained above, all payments are non-refundable. If sessions are not booked and used by the client within the designated time frame, they will be forfeited.
  4. For training/nutrition queries, please contact me by e-mail, or by messaging Steps 2wards health Facebook page. I will respond to all queries ASAP during normal working hours. Queries that are sent outside of office hours (e.g. at night or weekend) will not be answered until the next working day. Please note, we will always respond to all queries as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee to respond immediately.
  5. We never cancel on each other! We only reschedule, making sure you are always on track with your goals. You must give 24 hours’ notice to reschedule your session; otherwise the session will be forfeited.
  6. To reschedule an appointment or class session, please use info@steps2wardshealth.co.uk . If you need to cancel at short notice (e.g. within 24 hours), please call/text Billy on 07530706258 or Jayne on 07793024068 to let us know that you will not be attending.
  7. Any rescheduled Personal Training, catch up class sessions or rehabilitation treatment sessions must be used within one month. You will not be able to ‘carry sessions over’ for longer than this, unless in exceptional circumstances and agreed by the Steps 2Wards Health team.
  8. Emergency cancellations will be treated by discretion.
  9. In the case that Steps 2Wards Health team fall ill or are unable to instruct the session, it will be rescheduled for a mutually convenient time.
  10. Long term absences (injury, illness, pregnancy & other) will be dealt with fairly and on an individual basis. Sessions may be used when you are well and able to do so again.
  11. For any holidays taken, advance notice is needed. This is so that we can best plan your sessions to get the most out of the time you are here, before and after. The benefit is there are no sessions missed and you will stay on track. This is also so we can arrange for you to attend any catch up sessions.
  12. We cannot guarantee spaces in classes; numbers are kept small for a personal service, therefore booking is always essential. If you turn up to a session that you have not booked onto then you may be informed that you cannot participate in the session.
  13. We will make best efforts to minimise disruption to your training and rehabilitation programmes. If Steps 2Wards Health team are on holiday or have other commitments, we will always endeavour to reschedule at a mutually convenient time.
  14. All 1:1 personal training and class packages have a minimum three month commitment.
  15. We reserve the right to increase the fees to account for the increased cost of education, payroll, operating expenses, and inflation. You will be given one month’s notice should we need to increase fees.
  1. If you do not wish to continue with your training 1:1 Personal Training or classes after your minimum 3 month commitment, one month’s notice is required. This means that you would need to tell us at the start of month 3 if you wish to cancel your membership beyond 3 months. Please notify us via email info@steps2wardshealth.co.uk and ensure that we have acknowledged this email.
  2. Arriving late for scheduled appointments, or not being ready to start on time, will reduce the workout time. This will avoid disrupting the next client. Please note if you are more than 10 minutes late for a class then you may not be able to participate
  3. You understand that the results of any fitness or rehabilitation programme cannot be guaranteed. Your progress depends on your effort and co-operation in, and outside of, the sessions. In particular you acknowledge that individual results may vary and no particular result is guaranteed by your instructor.
  4. You understand that there are inherent risks in participating in an exercise or rehabilitation programme. If you sustain or claim to sustain any injury while participating in training, you acknowledge that the Trainer is not responsible, except where the injury was caused by his/her gross negligence or intentional act.
  5. The trainer is not liable if you ignore recommendations to seek medical advice.
  6. You agree that your contact and health details will be kept securely on our records. You can request for some of these details to be removed, such as contact details, but health records must be kept for minimum 8 years in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If I have a question, who should I talk to? Please email me at info@steps2wardshealth.co.uk

NOTE: This contract states that you have read and are happy with each point (front and back). You are entitled to a copy of this agreement