Interview with Billy and Jayne

Who are your clients exactly?

Our clients are normal, everyday people who aspire to feeling fitter, healthier and more confident outdoors whilst enjoying the fresh air. They want to feel better about themselves, but need some support to reach their full health and fitness potential.

Billy is passionate about helping people reaching their full fitness potential, and become the best version of themselves whilst having fun outdoors.

Jayne is passionate about helping people managing ongoing muscle and joint pain to enjoy moving more outdoors, and motivating them reach their full health and fitness potential.

Do you work outdoors in all weathers?

We enjoy motivating and inspiring you in all weathers, providing it is safe to do so.

Our clients have said that they have felt ‘invigorated and a great sense of achievement’ following activity in weather such as wind and rain. Getting outdoors when the weather is grim is often the hardest part; once you start we will make sure that you are kept moving and warm. We can adapt the activity in the class to still make it enjoyable and beneficial for your health in most weather conditions.

On occasions where it is unsafe, for example, Nordic walking classes in thunder and lightning, we will give as much notice as possible to cancel the activity. Your safety always comes first.

I’m interested in joining one of your programmes, but I have already planned social engagements for the next month, so will it be best to join you at a later date?

There’s never a perfect time, most months we have other engagements planned. It’s called life! We can always think of reasons why not to start now, but the truth is if we always find a reason not to start now then another set of reasons crop up, and our behaviour and actions never change.

With our 1:1s we try to be as flexible as practically possible in offering you alternative days and times. Our class plans enable you to join in with other similar classes on alternative days. We also try to accommodate catch ups where possible; for example, if you are on a plan attending 1 class a week and are planning to go on holiday, you may be able to join in 2 classes the week before or after your holiday. This is subject to class space being available – remember we want to keep class sizes small and personal for everyone’s benefit.

I’m not sure that I’m ready to get started. How can I sample your work to see if it is the right solution for me?

This is why we offer a free 1:1 consultation or an opportunity to try a class for free before you commit, so that you can experience whether we are the right match for you achieving your health and fitness goals. We also offer various money back guarantees, depending on the 1:1 or classes that you buy into, again to make sure that you are in the right place to fully benefit from working with us to help you reach your full potential.

You can also follow us on Facebook and on our website to get top tips and be part of our community.

I’ve invested in this sort of thing before, and it has not worked.

With our experience working in previous health, fitness and rehabilitation environments we have learned what works, and what the barriers were to people succeeding with their goals. We have used this experience to create a ‘tried and tested’ approach to help each individual to succeed. We really care about making sure that everyone that we work with feels that we are helping them reach their goals, receive personal attention to detail and therefore feel that they have received good value for money and service. We will help you to stay focused and committed to reach your full health and fitness potential.

I never stick to exercise, so I am not sure how you are going to be any different.

Really – we are different! We really care about ALL of our clients achieving their goals. Whether your goals are fitness or rehabilitation related goals, we will help you stay focused and committed, even in difficult times, and gently encourage you to do more as you feel fitter and more able.

Class sizes are kept small and more personal to ensure that you get faster results. At our classes you will meet like-minded people that you’ll have lots in common with. When you make friends the exercise becomes fun and enjoyable rather than a chore.

To make sure that you want to keep coming back for more and see the results that you are looking for, we keep each session varied and different; you won’t be doing the same workout each week.

Do I need to be fit to keep up with class sessions? Is it going to be hard?

We want to challenge you to help you reach your health and fitness goals but as our class sizes are smaller and more personal we can tailor towards peoples’ needs and requirements more effectively, and then adjust the exercises if required. You can work at your own pace and ability. We aim to challenge you, and bring out the best of your capabilities, without overwhelming you.

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